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The Dog & Oyster Vineyard

{ bed of oyster shells | chambourcin & merlot } In search of fresh virginicas¬†straight from the estuary–I made a stop at a tiny winery where two massive statues of black cork screws stood at the entrance of a black gravel road. Owned by the Hope & Glory Inn a few miles away, The Dog […]

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Dining With Foodies 101: The Rules Of The Table

What’s the best part about dining with foodies? Food lovers don’t judge!¬†… Unless you order salad. They don’t tilt their heads when you order more than one appetizer for yourself, or when all the sides you ordered were basically carbs and cheese with no greenery in sight. Foodies understand each other and know not to […]

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Recipe Box: Olive Oil Poached Salmon

Never poached anything in olive oil before? Sounds a little intense, but I’ll show you (in the video below) that it’s actually really easy, and is a great way to cook fish and retain all of its’ moisture at the same time. Instead of baking, frying, or roasting a fresh piece of great quality seafood […]

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