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5 Ways To Step Up Your Turkey Game



1) Brine it
Brining involves soaking a turkey in an herbed saltwater solution overnight. This process protects your turkey from the ravages of heat and guarantees tender, flavorful meat from the surface all the way to the bone. Brining also gives the turkey a meatier, juicier and firmer consistency. My absolute favorite brining recipe is from the pioneer woman. Preparing the brine also fills your house with the sweetest smell of herbs, oranges and apples!


2) Truss it
As your turkey cooks, the meat inside will become thick and firm, which can bend your turkey out of shape if you don’t tie or truss it together. If you don’t want your turkey’s legs and wings sticking out all over the place, tie it up with twine. Here’s a video from Fine Cooking on how to properly truss a turkey.


3) Rub it
If you’re a fan of crispy skin, you’ll need to rub some seasoning and butter underneath the turkey’s skin. Last year, I followed The Kitchen’s tips on how to rub seasoning underneath the turkey’s skin.


4) Inject it
Injecting your turkey with seasoned butter and fat into each of its cavities can add flavor by marinating the meat from the inside. Here’s a photo tutorial on how to properly inject your turkey with marinade.

5) Baste it
Cover your turkey with foil for the first hour, then remove it to let it brown for the rest of the cooking time. With a turkey baster, baste your turkey with the juices at the bottom of the pan to season the outside of your turkey to develop a pretty golden brown color.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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