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WTF Delicious: Pork & Crab Roe Soup Dumplings

There are 3 things you should know about soup dumplings: A) There is no soup involved. You were probably imagining the all-american chicken and dumpling soup when you read “soup dumplings”, but just know–if you order “soup dumplings” at a Chinese restaurant–you won’t get a bowl of soup. Instead, you’ll get a bamboo steamer basket lined […]

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Ashburn Beef Chow Foon Chinese featured Recipes

Drool Worthy: 6 Things To Try At Chin Chin's Cafe

I’ve raved about Chin Chin Cafe before on twitter, but I think it’s time I gave it a drool-worthy shout out. Wedged between a mom-and-pop bagel shop and a massive Korean grocery store in Ashburn, this little Chinese restaurant isn’t something you’d be able to spot out if you were driving past on route 640. […]

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Annandale Chinese drool worthy

Drool Worthy: 6 Chinese Comfort Classics At A&J

Many of the dishes at Annandale’s token Chinese restaurant are also known as “street snacks” from Taiwan’s famous “night market”. At these markets, you’ll find pan fried dumplings, fried chicken and scallion pancakes cooked in front of you and sold on a stick or wrapped in paper. Other dishes from the menu, like soup dumplings […]

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