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The Dog & Oyster Vineyard

{ bed of oyster shells | chambourcin & merlot } In search of fresh virginicas¬†straight from the estuary–I made a stop at a tiny winery where two massive statues of black cork screws stood at the entrance of a black gravel road. Owned by the Hope & Glory Inn a few miles away, The Dog […]

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Centreville featured Wine & Cheese

5 Wines To Try At The Winery At Bull Run

My boyfriend was telling me about a little winery he passes by every day on his way home from work when he asked if I wanted to go one Sunday afternoon. We had just finished cooking lunch together after playing two football games earlier that morning, so I had to do a double take when […]

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Greek Oysters Washington DC Wine & Cheese

Resto Revamp: 10 Things To Love About Tel'veh's New Menu

Checking out Tel’veh‘s new menu last night was a ton of fun, thanks to our awesome server, Kaine, who picked out every dish and paired each plate with the perfect wine pairing. Dinner at this 60-seat wine bar was full of unexpected surprises, which¬†inspired me to add a little bit of that fun to my […]

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