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10 First Dates in DC


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There are so many beautiful people and fun things to do in DC, and HowAboutWe is a classy, fun and helpful program that connects the dots. All you do is create a free profile and either check out the dates listed in your area, or create your own! Each date begins with a photo and three little words, “How about we…”

A few weeks ago, the DC team at HowAboutWe asked me to come up with a few first-date suggestions for singles in DC. Below are a few dates I’ve gone on in the past, and a few I’d like to go on this year! So whether you’re in a relationship and looking for fun things to do in DC, or if you’re feeling brave and want to post a date on HowAboutWe–here are a few ideas I came up with. Enjoy! 😉

1) Test our kitchen chemistry!
Cooking together is a fun way to test your teamwork and timing. You know what they say… “couples who cook well together stay together!” Cut to the chase and test your chemistry by signing up for a cooking class nearby. CulinAerie on 14th offers fun ‘date night’ classes on how to cook sushi, pasta, Indian cuisine and much more. Other cooking classes in the DC area include: Just Simply, Hill’s Kitchen, and Company’s Coming. If the date turns out great–try this for a second date: head to Eastern Market, get spontaneous and grab a few fresh ingredients like pasta, seafood, meat, veggies or produce and create your own meal at home.
2) Save puppies and eat pad thai
Animal lovers–meet at Georgetown’s Petco at Noon on any given Sunday to volunteer at one of their hour-long adoption events. Afterwards, take a 5 minute walk down Wisconsin for Pad Thai at Basil Thai Restaurant. For dessert–head over next door to Dolcezza for scoops of artisan gelato or caramel-filled churros.

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3) Check out a Beer & Oyster Festival
Because nothing kick-starts the weekend like cracking open a beer, oysters are a known aphrodisiac and the National Harbor is one of the most romantic spots in DC. Get your tickets early and indulge in all the beer and raw/baked/fried/rockefellere’d oysters you can eat, and enjoy the sunset by the Potomac river. This year’s Beer & Oyster festival will be held on Saturday, February 18th, 2013. Save the date!
4) Embark on a cupcake crawl
Crown the best cupcake in Georgetown by touring some of the nation’s most popular cupcakeries off Wisconsin Ave, taking a bite from each contender as you go. Will it be Sprinkles, Baked & Wired, or TLC’s famed Cupcakes Sisters? Follow the map and be the judge.

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5) Stamp our foreheads for free froyo!
Ok, not really… but if you do get your foreheads stamped, sing a long to “Mr. Roboto”, show up in kickball uniform, stump the owner on a Seinfeld question or answer correctly on some trivia questions–you get a 10-20% discount off your entire order at Mr. Yogato’s froyo parlor in Dupont Circle. See more rules here. Sometimes they have wacky rules like ‘stand on your tippy-toes with your eyes closed for one minute” to score a free cup of froyo. Afterwards, play a few games on their old-school nintendo, or one of their board games on the walls by the window as you enjoy your ‘semi-free’ froyo.
6) Kill a zombie and run through a water fountain.
No, not an actual zombie–and yes–there’s a fountain in Georgetown you can actually run through without worrying about breaking the rules! Trust me! I did it last Summer with my boyfriend. 🙂 Check out the video to the left. As for the zombie beforehand–or after–Farmers, Fishers & Bakers is one of the newest restaurants (a sister resto of Founding Farmers) on the waterfront, and offers a Zombie cocktail so strong that they limit the drink to one bowl (or two glasses) per guest! The fountain is just a 5 minutes walk along the waterfront near the field and trees to the right.
7) Explore the underground dining scene
Check out one of DC’s supper clubs–like Nosh, Hush or Chez Le Commis–for a thrilling and much more intimate dining experience. Meet at a secret location for a pre-determined 4-course meal to share amongst a few other curious strangers in a living room, back alley–who knows? Channel your spontaneity and see where the night takes you!
8) Chow down on kick-ass mussels, and battle it out in mini golf
On H Street is a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant that competed in, and won one of Food Network’s “Throwdowns With Bobby Flay”. Chef Teddy Folkman’s ‘moules fromage bleu’ bested the celebrity chef’s coconut poblano mussels a few years ago, and the restaurant (in the building of a very old dentist’s office from centuries ago) still stands today, cooking mussels in various flavors (like orange-cranberry cream with duck sausage, or pork belly, spinach and white wine), fries with truffle or curry mayo and other delicious bites. After dinner, walk across the street to the H Street’s Country Club, where there’s a bar downstairs and an indoor mini golf course upstairs.
9) Catch a movie at DC’s vintage theatre
The AMC Loews at Cleveland Park (3426 Connecticut Avenue NW) is one of the oldest theatres around, with vintage lighting, old popcorn machines, red velvet curtains and ropes. The theatre normally plays one of the more popular movies out at the time, not old or vintage flicks. For drinks afterwards, check out the massive 50 oz. margaritas at Alero’s down the street. If you’re looking for a spot to have dinner nearby–check out Hot n Juicy for some cajun creole grub, Dino for Italiano, Ripple for wine and whimsical small plates, or Indique for comfort Indian cuisine.
10) Hike & brunch
Put on your hiking gear, take out your navigation and head to Old Angler’s Inn, 10801 MacArthur Blvd, Potomac, MD (about 20 minutes from DC). Once you get there–park across the street where you’ll find an entrance to one of the C&O canal trails. Take a hike along the trees, streams and boulders. When you find your way back to the lot–cross the street and have brunch or lunch on the patio at one of the area’s most romantic restaurants, hidden along the historic Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park.

I had tons of fun writing this post and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any dc date ideas, please share!

have fun & have a great week!


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