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Drool Worthy: Nutella & Banana Crepes

Japantown, San Francisco is where I became a little obsessed with nutella, banana and vanilla ice cream crepes. I visited San Francisco for the first time a few years ago when I asked my twitter followers where I should eat and what I needed to try. This was before the popularity of crepes made its way over to the East Coast, so when more than a few tweeters insisted that I stop by Sophie’s Crepes–I wasn’t sure why. For a while, I thought crepes were just something someone made when they couldn’t decide if they wanted an omelette or a tortilla–and I’d taken one too many bites of the soggy sponge sheets my friends would order at IHOP or Denny’s to be anything but unexcited when people told me I had to try the crepes in San Fran. It wasn’t until I finally stopped by Sophie’s after ramen one night that I realized what the hype was all about. After having their nutella and banana crepe-I found myself on the hunt for a crepe stand after every dinner for the last few days I had left in San Francisco. When I came home to DC, I was a little disappointed to find out there weren’t any real creperies around. After a few months of waiting though–I noticed crepes were being served in Georgetown, Gaithersburg, and in mobile carts around Arlington.

Crepes are a soft, thin pancakes that are sweet and a tiny bit crispy. Normally, they’re filled with fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, and just about any topping you’d normally toss on a sundae. It’s like eating a sundae without the spoon, because it’s wrapped in a crispy pancake that let’s you eat it like burrito.

But you don’t have to take a trip to Frisco to find a good crepe. Now, you can find crepes in DC from creperies like Crepes A Go Go (with locations in Georgetown and Gaithersburg) and restaurants like Cafe Bonaparte and Et Voila! In NoVA, you can find them at mobile crepe stands like Solar Crepes, and Choupi.

1581 Webster St, San Francisco, CA; 415-929-7732.

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