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Five Frisco Finds {Part 2}

Here they are, as promised. A few more of my favorite finds in San Francisco.

{Kati Rolls & Chicken Tikka Masala Platter}

This little corner eatery in Castro was kind of like… chipotle-meets-Indian-street-food. It was easily the best $10 I’d spent in San Francisco, and definitely one of my favorite finds (thanks Olivia & Jared!). Local ingredients, ‘simple homestyle recipes’, and a great bang for your buck – what else could you ask for? You’ll also find their food truck rolling around the city during lunch hours. As for the kicker – mango lassi, chai, wine, and yes – beer. 🙂

Kasa Indian Eatery
4001 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 621-6940

{Fried Stuffed Octopus & Tonkatsu Ramen}

I have a weakness for squid and octopus, and I have an even bigger weakness for things that are deep fried – and when anything is stuffed with cream cheese, you can probably find me in hysterical tears of sheer joy. So – you can imagine how incredibly excited I was to see deep fried, cream-stuffed octopus on the menu at Suzu Noodle House. Not to mention – this little shop is famous for the authentic ramen they serve in the heart of Japan Town, and rightfully so. The tonkatsu broth is rich, thick, and almost creamy, yet thin enough to slip through each spoon full of noodles. There’s something about putting together that perfect spoon full of noodles, broth, vegetables, and meat in one, single bite that makes all the messy twirling and slurping completely worth it.

Suzu Noodle House
1825 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94115
Japan Town 

{Raw Oysters, and Seafood Pasta}

Originally an old mechanic’s warehouse – Anchor & Hope was renovated into one of the most charming seafood restaurants on its’ block .I had been waiting all week to enjoy a platter of raw oysters at the perfect seafood restaurant, and I never thought I’d find it a few doors down from Castro’s ‘Sausage Factory’. This little fish house and oyster bar features a daily selection of six different oysters from around the coast, and an ever-changing menu of fresh, whimsical, seafood innovations.

Anchor & Hope
83 Minna St
(between Shaw Aly & 2nd St)
San Francisco, CA 94105

{Assorted Macarons & Old Fashioned Cupcake at Miette}

French Macarons. Cupcakes with Italian Meringues. Lavender Shortbread. Chocolates, and colorful candies – Miette is the sweet, little pastry shop of my dreams.

Miette Patisserie
Ferry Building & Hayes Valley

{Kelwha-Derho at Assab Eritrean Restaurant}

Though the idea of eating your dinner off a plate with only your fingers may be a bit daunting to some people – I’d say enjoying  Eritrean cuisine isn’t too different from chowing down on a cheeseburger, or a plate of wings. It’s kind of like sharing a huge, unwrapped, Eritrean burrito with a few friends; ripping and tearing sponge-like pieces of soft, bubbled bread (called ‘injera’) topped with beef, chicken, lettuce, sauteed veggies, creamed spinach, and a dash of sour cream. I’m not afraid of the lack of utensils as much as I’m worried about the downright free-for-all this meal imposes. Like five people trying to share one box of pizza – you want to eat as much as you can, as quickly as possible!

Assab Aritrean Restaurant
2845 Geary Blvd
(between Wood St & Collins St)
San Francisco, CA 94118
Laurel Heights 

A special thanks, and happy belated birthday to my cousin, Victor, who showed me around while I was in town. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Want more? Stay tuned, or check out {Part 1}

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