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Five Frisco Finds {Part 1}

There were many other lovely shops and restaurants I came across during my trip to San Francisco, but these are a few of my favorites.

{ The ‘Geisha Float’ from Japan Town}

Green tea ice cream, green tea slush, red beans, mochi, and whipped cream.

{ Black Truffle Shumai from Koi Palace }

A traditional dim sum dish with a fancy twist.

{ Bacon Burger from Bacon & Bacon Truck }

Pretty much my favorite thing in the whole world, rolling around in a truck. Noteables: The Belly, Bacon Caramel Corn, and anything with their ‘Bacon Jam’.

{ Veggie Walnut ‘Shrimp’ from Enjoy (China Town) }

Because vegetarians are people too. Here’s a treat for the veggie lovers – a vegetarian friendly spin on a classic Chinese dish. If I ever find it in me to give up bacon and prime rib – I’d be eating here every day.

{ Iced Mint Mojito Coffee at Philz }

You haven’t enjoyed coffee ’til you’ve had a cup from Philz. I had an iced coffee from Philz almost twice a day while I was running around SF, and I’m still in withdrawal. Starbucks will never taste the same. As if their coffee alone wasn’t already wonderful – they also have fun flavors like the Iced Mint Mojito – a refreshing alternative, with the kick of a slightly warm buzz.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite finds from one of our nation’s largest culinary meccas. 😉

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