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Food Trucks: DC's Eat Wonky

Poutine Fries, anyone? Enjoy what the owners at Eat Wonky like to call “what happens when you take the simplicity of the In N’ Out menu, the distinctiveness of a Primanti sandwich, plus the fun and energy of Las Vegas, and put it on wheels.”

With a vibrantly painted truck, fun music playing in the background, and a pair of cute guys in trucker hats and sunglasses to serve you a plate of warm, gravy cheese fries – what’s not to love about Eat Wonky?

[ Eat Wonky Truck | Wonky Dog | Wonky Fries | Wonky Dog with Ketchup & Mustard ]

Another one of DC’s wonderful Food Trucks, Eat Wonky, is another one of my favorite Food Trucks that I’ll gladly wait over a half an hour in line for. Eat Wonky celebrates the original Poutine Fries (aka Gravy Fries) by itself, and on top of a massive hot dog that they call the Wonky Dog.

Enjoy peanut oil fried, fresh cut fries with gravy and squeezy cheese on top; or enjoy it all together on a giant, crispy hoagie roll with an all beef jumbo hot dog in between if you’ve got a big appetite. Not in the mood for meat? Enjoy their Grilled Cheese Sandwich with squeezy cheese, chopped basil and crushed red pepper in between a crispy, hot hoagie roll.

[ Nutella Hazelnut Whoopie Pie ]

And to end your lunch on a sweet note, enjoy assorted flavors of Whoopie Pies from Nikki Taylor of Sweet Ladies Bakery.

To see where Eat Wonky is heading next, follow them at @EatWonky on Twitter

To see where all DC Food Trucks are going to be, follow my list of all of them here:!/TheHungryMuse/foodtrucksdc

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