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San Mateo: Little Sheep Hot Pot

Long time no blog, DC! I apologize for being MIA for so long, but I promise you I’ve still been going on food expeditions – most recently in San Francisco, one of the largest culinary meccas in the US! Get excited, because I’ll be blogging very frequently about all the places I visited in San Francisco, and also about a few places I’ve been meaning to write about in DC.

[ Victor Lee, Yours Truly, & Olivia Lee ]

First off, I wanted to thank Victor Lee (of Victor Lee Designs) and Olivia Lee (of Morning Commute) for showing a San Franciscan newb around the city for an entire week; and especially for dining with me and not hiding their faces when I pulled out my giant SLR at these restaurants! I couldn’t have asked for better travel buddies, and I can’t wait to take them around DC when they come home to visit. 😉 Be sure to check out their websites – these two are extremely talented young individuals that are going to do something great one day.

The Little Sheep’s Mongolian Hot Pot in San Mateo is nestled into a charming neighborhood full of brightly lit streets under rows and rows of something that get Californians pretty excited; something that a native Virginian often takes for granted – full, green, blossoming, dancing-in-the-wind shaking trees. When you step inside, you can instantly feel that this isn’t your typical chinese take out joint. With modern furniture, marble table tops, comfortable booths and a bubbling full-sized bar – The Little Sheep welcomes you in, and wants you to stay for a while. And if you order hot pot for dinner, the main event – then you most likely will do just that.

Hot Pot is one of the most traditional asian dinners that traces back to Mongolian history when Ghengis Khan’s desire for mutton and limited cooking supplies was made due with a pot of boiling water and seasoning. This method of cooking and eating different types of raw meat and vegetable from one pot of boiling soup base has evolved into, and become what brings my whole family together on Friday nights at least once  a month. Each person gets their own set of tongs and soup ladle to hold their food in place so that their tofu, shrimp, meat, or vegetable won’t get lost in the boiling pot; but even if it does – there are usually various kinds of food that are thrown into the pot early on for everyone to share. We ordered tofu, octopus, enoki mushrooms, slices of pork belly, and a few items that we all remembered from our childhood – winter melon, sliced lotus, cuttle fish balls, meat balls, and slices of rib eye with a sesame paste dipping sauce.

Hot Pot is a great way to bring the family together, and is a fun way to get everyone cooking and eating together at the same dinner table. With over five different types of fish balls, various seafoods such as: Tiger Prawns, clams and mussels; five different types of mushrooms including the cute little bunches of skinny enoki; three different dumplings, paper thin premium slices of lamb shoulder, rib eye, pork loin, three different raw meat balls and an endless list of noodles, vegetables and dumplings – The Little Sheep has a myriad of various different types of food to choose from to cook in either their house soup base, spicy soup base, mushroom soup base, or two of the three in their half-and-half pot for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t live in San Francisco? The Little Sheep also has locations in LA, San Diego, Union City, and even Houston, Texas.

The Little Sheep

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