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DC Food Trucks: Lobster Truck!

At DC’s 1st Annual Curbside Cook Off – I knew exactly where I wanted to head first in between the dozens and dozens of food trucks that gathered in the old convention center a few weeks ago. With over 9,000 followers on Twitter, I had been following Red Hook Lobster Truck for months now, reading their tweets, jealous of all the DCists that would get to enjoy a lobster roll for lunch, and nearly drooling at all of the uploaded facebook photos of happy fans with their buttery rolls of goodness.

I didn’t even care that the Lobster Truck’s line was three times longer than any other line in the parking lot – I wanted my lobster roll & whoopie pie. Whether it be curiosity or loyal fans that were just coming back for another bite – people continued to stay in line as it grew by the minute, because everybody was certain that these lobster rolls were going to be worth the wait, no matter how long it took to get them.

I have to say that after my first bite – I paused and cried a little bit inside for all the people out there who may be allergic to shellfish, because holy crap – this may have been the best thing I’ve had all year long – and quite possibly my entire life. If there’s one thing you want to risk eating and turning into Will Smith in Hitch for – when he ate sushi and turned into an itching bobblehead – it is this.

Sheer, buttery, mouthfuls of mind-blowing bliss. In an ideal world, I’d have a Red Hook Lobster Roll every single day of my life; whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, linner – any time, any day. I mean, it mixes three of my most favorite foods – seafood, bread, and – hello? Butter! But the Lobster Truck changes its’ location every day, so if you want to track it down – and trust me, it will be worth the effort – follow them here on Twitter!

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