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I love my dry, full-bodied cab, but lately – I’ve been enjoying glasses of chilled chardonnay with my meals a lot more often than I once ordered the first recommendation for shiraz or cabernet sauvignon without a second thought. A chilled white wine provides a whole different taste that sets a distinctively brighter mood for your evening than a feisty red wine would. I’ll always love my dark, dry and bold red wines, but right now I’m entertaining my curiosities with its’ polar opposite – light, luscious and  succulent.

I (legally) had my very first glass of red wine with a plate of steak, garlic mashed potatoes and creamed spinach from Rays the Steaks a few months ago. It was called ‘The Ball Buster’, named after one of the maker’s bold and fiery lovers. He wanted to name it after his current wife, but found that this dry, and gutsy red wine left too much of a stinging bite to name after his kind and gentle wife. This bold shiraz would roll slowly and smoothly down your throat, leaving scents of licorice in your nostrils – but quickly afterwards leave a sharp bite on your tongue, enhancing the flavors of red meat, and other strong flavors such as the garlic in the mashed potatoes, and sharp cheeses in the creamed spinach that you normally would not notice without a finishing sip of red wine.

Red wine is always fun to drink, as it never fails to wake me up or enhance an otherwise boring dinner of dull flavors, but if you’re looking for something that is easier to drink – enjoy a chilled glass of chardonnay.

The Wine House in Fairfax City, VA provides a wide selection of several different wines, including chardonnays from California and all over Europe. This cold, crisp, and citrusy wine goes well with just about anything; from white wine & garlic mussels, to filet mignon, and even with the complimentary sea salt sprinkled baked bread that comes with three different spreads, including white truffle butter – my favorite part of the entire meal.

For a fun wine expedition that won’t break the bank, enjoy The WineHouse in Fairfax City, nestled in a romantic stone plaza with an even cuter ice cream shop across the street for dessert.

The Wine House
3950 University Drive Suite 212
Fairfax, VA 22030
703 352 2211

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