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VA Eats: Screwtop Wine Bar

Screwtop Wine Bar has consistently been one of my absolute favorite spots to go for wine and cheese. Not only do they offer a great selection of wines, plates of meats and cheeses, my two favorite things in the world – castelvatrano olives, and truffle popcorn – but they also offer free wine classes to help you further enjoy your wine, and teach you how to speak like a wine expert in just an hour.

In addition – they offer a mixed plate of 6 different meats and cheeses for $33 to pair with your favorite wine. Don’t know what type of wine you want to try? The lovely servers are so enthusiastic about wine, that they’ll not only offer you suggestions, but also provide you a few sips to try before you make your final decision.

[ Chardonnay | Truffle Popcorn | From left to right: Drunken Goat, Pate de Campagne, Blue D’Auvergne | Cheddar Bacon Bruschetta | Buffaloaf ]

If you’re a fan of baked potato skins – enjoy all of its’ original savory toppings, but on little slices of toast that make this bruschetta spin-off a clever appetizer that will warm your taste buds with cheddar cheese, and crispy bacon on garlic rubbed toast.

As for the grand finale – enjoy, possibly the best sandwich I’ve had this year, their Buffaloaf – a prime example of how a meatloaf should taste: soft, savory, and packed full of various flavors. Is one slab of meatloaf not enough to satisfy your cravings? Just you wait. The Buffaloaf is also served with melted cheddar cheese on top with slices of crispy bacon, and sundried tomatoes to give your bite a citrusy kick that makes this sandwich a total knock out; sending any previous bland stack of lettuce, tomato and what-not you’ve ever suffered through to history with all of your other boring sandwich endeavors. Wake up your taste buds, take a trip down to the beautiful streets of Clarendon, and experience the Buffaloaf while you can this month, because keep in mind – the menu switches up soon.

P.S. If you’re as much of a white truffle addict as I am, then you’ll love Screwtop. Not only do they offer Truffle Popcorn, a salty snack that will leave the aroma of white truffles lingering in your nostrils with every bite – but they also sell Truffle Oil on their shelves for you to take home and splash on your next home cooked meal. Whether it be your next salad, pasta, or even something to drizzle on slices of toasted baguette – White Truffle Oil leaves an addicting pungent taste and aroma on your taste buds that will have you using up that bottle sooner than you had expected.

Screwtop Wine Bar
1025 N. Fillmore St.
Arlington, VA 22201

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