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Stepping into a Novel: Brunch at the Tabard Inn

When you enter the doors of the Tabard Inn on a bright Sunday afternoon for Brunch, you can instantly feel the mystery that is portrayed in the several detective novels it was mentioned in. As you step into a dark foyer that welcomes guests into its’ charming old fashioned hotel, you are greeted by vintage gold framed paintings that are illuminated with table lamps around the waiting area. These soft glowing table lamps that sit on dark cherry colored side tables, are the only source of lighting before you enter the restaurant, where a large window ceiling in the foyer pours enough light to fill the entire first floor, bringing you back to your warm and bright Sunday that you left behind a few moments ago.

[ The Entrance to Another Place in Time | Hotel Tabard Inn ]

The Tabard Inn is -if not the most- one of the most popular destinations for Brunch in all of Washington DC. Most tourists have been known to make it a point of stopping by The Tabard Inn to experience their famous brunch that is known to put other brunches to shame with its’ true and savory flavors that are not only evident in their wide variety of dishes, but also in their morning cocktails. To start off, we ordered a Citrus Spritz and a home made Bloody Mary (the waiter claimed to love), that didn’t disappoint. In fact, I don’t usually drink bloody mary’s, but after the first one, I ordered a second, and a third of the one that was made here. The Tabard Inn’s home made Bloody Mary is made from fresh squeezed tomato juice, which eliminates the overly sourness a typical bloody mary made from canned or bottled tomato juice often leaves on your tongue, and ultimately reminds you that the tomato is most definitely a fruit with its’ sweet and refreshing juice that you can only taste for yourself from a fresh cut tomato. In addition, with the fresh taste of the home made juice, the vodka doesn’t give as much of a punch as typical Bloody Mary’s do; which is perfect for me, as I dislike the distracting taste of vodka when a Bloody Mary is too strong. And finally – this perfect for sipping cocktail also comes with a few twigs of yellow string beans that add a nice crunchy snack to the end of your drink. Thanks to the Tabard Inn, I’ve officially become a turned lover of Bloody Mary’s!

[ Entrance to the Restaurant | Citrus Spritz & Homemade Bloody Mary | Cupcake Bread & Butter ]
[ Assorted Bread | Donuts & Fresh Cream | The Waiting Area ]
[ Poached Eggs, Shrimp, Pork Belly Confit & Grits | Grilled Hanger’s Steak ]

If you think the pictures look delicious, let me give you a few more details to enhance this experience, because these pictures really don’t do justice of how delicious this entire meal was in relaity. First of all, you may see a stack of bread in the fourth picture – but just know that every single slice or cupcake of home made bread in this black wired basket of treats was uniquely delicious in their own way. There are slices of cornbread, a salty garlic loaf, and a couple mini cupcakes that we couldn’t decide were cake or bread, before giving up to slather them in butter and popping our new bite sized pieces of wonder into our mouths.

And as for the dishes, you may see a simple egg’s benedict, but what you don’t realize is that these perfectly poached eggs are drizzled in a delicious barbecque beurre blanc sauce (that later mixes with the yolk to make an even better sauce) and lay over a table of sliced pork belly confit with buttery grilled shrimp on a generous hill of soft, creamy grits that make this ‘egg’s benedict’  the best I’ve ever had.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys steak in the morning – the Tabard Inn also offers a Grilled Hanger’s Steak with poached eggs in a green chimichurri sauce, and scrumptious bite sized pieces of seasoned home fries, which are also very good.

Not only could you feel the truth in the descriptions of charm and history referring to the Tabard Inn through the written words of Jerry Doolittle’s mystery novels, but after experiencing brunch – you’ll taste the truth in mine when I say that the Tabard Inn is worth taking a moment from your next Saturday or Sunday to experience the most savory brunch and some of the most addicting morning cocktails that will take you into another place in time.

Hotel Tabard Inn
1739 N St NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 331-8528

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