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[ Raven’s Training Camp at Westminister, MD ]

I’ve been watching the Ravens play through the big screen for years now, and was so excited to finally see them practice in real life at their training camp this past weekend. It’s already incredibly riveting to watch these professional athletes do their thing on TV, so to watch them practice and compete in real life was just absolutely inspiring to me.

I love playing wide receiver, because there’s really nothing like those short-lived, but magical moments that last only a few seconds when the adrenaline rushes through your body from the very first second you jump off the line, to the second you know for sure that you completed a perfect route, to the next second you snatch the ball out of the air, feel it settle at your finger tips, tuck it away, and speed off from that corner that just tripped over himself from the perfect cut you planted, and watches you from the ground as you run farther and farther away from the panicking defense, and closer toward the end zone.

There really isn’t, which is why I love this sport so much. I’m so happy to have seen these players do their thing – because it reminds me that anything is possible, as long as you practice and work hard for it. I may not be the best receiver, I may not catch every single pass – but I can, and I will work toward it; and going to this camp reminds me that it all begins with practice, with training, and with dedication.

[ Starry Night Cafe in Westminister, MD ]

After visiting the Raven’s Training Camp, we stopped by the most charming coffee house down the street called ‘Starry Night‘. Walking into Starry Night is a bit of a spectacle, as the walls are lit with string lights, illuminating the whimsical paintings in ‘chai rivers’ and even characters from my all-time favorite Tim Burton movie, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’. After recognizing this, and standing in awe of all the adorable decorations – I was in love. If the atmosphere wasn’t already enough to enjoy – then look up at their enormous menu of pastries and drinks that expands from wall to wall. From Creme-filled cupcakes, to cheddar biscuits with jam and butter, to raspberry malts, to red velvet cake and oreo parfaits – you’ll find something that will satisfy your sweet tooth here.

I know it sounds odd, but you really have to try the Cheddar Cheese Biscuit with Strawberry Jam & Butter – it gets messy, but tastes amazing. If you’re ever in Westminister – take a look at this coffee house, enjoy a fudge filled eclair or creme filled cupcake, and walk around the spectacle of illuminated paintings and art that Starry Night has to offer.

Starry Nights Bakery
330 140 Village Rd
Westminster, MD 21157

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