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Tackled & Baked

This past Monday, I decided to go and watch the Twilight Saga Trilogy (don’t judge) at the Georgetown Loews theatre, but what’s a trip to Georgetown without getting some fried food and cupcakes? ;)

(1. Tackle Box | 2. Strawberry Lemonade | 3. Fried Calamari and Macaroni & Cheese | 4. Entrance | 5. Hush Puppies and Lemon Garlic Aioli | 6. Wall Art | 7. Fish Tacos)

Boys, if you ever want to take your date to a cheap lobster dinner, it’s $10 off a whole lobster on Tuesdays at the Tackle Box. Yup, it’s only $17.99 plus two sides! And if that’s not good enough, you get Half-Off Fish Tacos on Wednesdays.

(1. Signature Pink Bike | 2. Baked Goods | 3. Red Velvet Cupcake | 4. Wall Art (For Sale) | 5. On our way to the Theatre)

Baked and Wired is one of my Top 5 favorite Cupcakeries. They also sell other baked goods such as brownie smores and ‘hippie crack’ (their granola) and have a coffee shop attached to the other side. I love the denseness of the cupcake, the size, the edible pearls, and the rich frosting that make it like no other cupcake I’ve ever had before. If you’re looking for a small, dainty cupcake that you could eat in one bite – go some place else. This will fill you up, and take you a good solid 5 minutes to finish. The best way to tackle this massive cupcake, is picking off the top half, eating the bottom half – and then enjoying the top half like a little pancake. One of my other favorite things about this place, is that it always has new art on the walls to admire, each and every time I come back. I wanted to buy this particular piece (Photo #4) but I don’t usually roll with $275 in cash, so.. maybe next time. :)


Tackle Box
3245 M Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20007-3616
(202) 337-8269

Baked & Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW
Washington, DC 20007-3813
(202) 333-2500

AMC Georgetown Loews Theatre
3111 K Street
Northwest Washington, DC
(202) 342-6033

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