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WTF Delicious: Monkfish Liver (Ankimo)

WTFDelicious spotlights brow-raising bites that venture out-of-the-box to change the way we see “good food”. Enjoy hover-friendly photos and deets on forks full of pure, tasty, genius. Who knew cheese curds could come from such a scary looking fish? (Hover over the image to see what a monkfish looks like). Ok, not real cheesecurds–but this popular Japanese delicacy was […]

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6 Things I Tried At Tanpopo Ramen House

I should probably include a little disclaimer that this review may be a tiny bit skewed. You see–I grew up thinking  that all ramen came from shim-yun packages and styrofoam cups. In fact, I didn’t realize–until a few years ago–that you can actually order authentic, Japanese ramen at a restaurant–just not anywhere in NoVA,  until […]

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Five Frisco Finds {Part 2}

Here they are, as promised. A few more of my favorite finds in San Francisco. {Kati Rolls & Chicken Tikka Masala Platter} This little corner eatery in Castro was kind of like… chipotle-meets-Indian-street-food. It was easily the best $10 I’d spent in San Francisco, and definitely one of my favorite finds (thanks Olivia & Jared!). […]

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