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Four Things (Since My Last Post)

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since my last entry, but I’m excited to start writing again for the first time in a while. Much has happened since 2013, and I can’t wait to share everything with you–including a handful of travel guides from Asheville, to L.A. and a few other entries I never got to finish. What’s been keeping me busy? Here are a few major things that happened to me in 2014…


1) I moved into my first home.

Late Fall 2014, I moved out of the home I grew up in, and into my very first house in Falls Church, VA. Here, I started my family. 🙂


2) I adopted my first puppy.

Last summer, I adopted a feisty little pekingese from Knoxville Tennessee and named her Winnie. I am so in love with this fuzzy little mop of an animal that literally, one of my favorite sounds (and one of the million reasons why I fell in love) is just hearing her snore. She snores like a little piglet and is completely clueless as to how adorable she is.


3) I became a mother.

In July 2014, I embarked on the exciting (and equally exhausting) thrill ride of pregnancy for 8 months before I gave birth to my baby boy, Colton. There is so much I want to share about this amazing part of my life, and I am incredibly excited to write about this in a future post. For now though, I’ll just say that there was nothing that could have ever prepared me for what happened during that time (good and bad), and that this was one of the most magical experiences I’ve had in my entire life.


4) I fell in love.

Not with anyone or anything in particular – but with life itself. A few years ago, I was faced with a serious question about what I wanted to make of my life (another reason for my blogging hiatus). A few people I loved left my life until I figured this out on my own, and during that solitude, I grew stronger and discovered what it felt like to be able to make myself truly happy. For the first time – I began to fall in love with life and learned how to make myself happy.

Pictured above is a snap I took from my trip to Nassau, Bahamas two Summers ago (which I plan to blog about soon). Though I had gone on this trip with a large group of friends and family, I decided to have dinner alone that night, and bought myself a far-from-fancy little pepperoni pizza that came with a $12 price tag and a greasy cardboard box the size of a frisbee. Normally I’d be eating conch fritters and cracked rice when I visit my family’s home town, but this was the only take out option in the touristy section of the hotel I stayed in. With my mediocre meal in hand, I weaved through crowds of couples and families, passing restaurants and gift shops when I turned a corner and found a quiet pier that overlooked a small patch of the ocean. There, I sat down at the edge of a plank, dangling my feet about 2 feet above the water when I looked down and noticed something special. There wasn’t a single person around to enjoy this with me (or save me if a shark decided to pull me in..) and for the first time in a while, I felt happy and unafraid of being alone. With a modest meal and the natural sunset in front of me – as simple as it sounds – I didn’t need a dinner and a movie, or a companion to feel happy that night. The pink and orange sunset was slowly shifting into purple, and below me – I watched as a family of white polka-dotted stingrays gathered by my feet, like butterflies, fluttering their fluid-like wings and gliding slowly in circles around me. I smiled, even though I knew no one was around to see it. This small slice of time and this experience was mine and will forever stay with me. I didn’t care that I was having microwaved pizza for dinner, that it was starting to drizzle, or that I was alone. It was this moment that brought me back to the initial reason why I began this blog – not to report on the latest DC restaurant happenings, or to critique food. There are many major food blogs that do this (eater, thrillist, and Y&H to name a few). I don’t write about the negative (a major responsibility of a food critic) and I don’t find joy in regurgitating press releases. What I enjoy, and the only thing I’ll write about on this blog in the future – are my personal experiences in falling love with life, whether it’s through traveling, food, photography or family. 🙂

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