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The Dog & Oyster Vineyard


{ bed of oyster shells | chambourcin & merlot }

In search of fresh virginicas straight from the estuary–I made a stop at a tiny winery where two massive statues of black cork screws stood at the entrance of a black gravel road.

Owned by the Hope & Glory Inn a few miles away, The Dog & Oyster manages two white-picket-fenced vineyards guarded by eight adorable rescue dogs. These chubby, cheerful little hounds who are spoiled daily with milk bones and belly rubs, are friendly–and equally fierce–hunting vets who were adopted and placed on a six acre playground where their only mission is to chase deer away from the grape vines they guard at night.

Their two-table tasting room with painted white chairs and potted yellow flowers offers two whites (Vidal Blank and Chardonnel), a rose, and two reds (chambourcin and merlot) with tastings starting at $6 per person.


{ grilled oysters }

Hot dogs and brauts are grilled for $6 each, and grilled oysters tossed in bacon and onions (Louise-style) or parmesan, butter and pepper (Boise-style) go for $12 per half dozen.


{ vineyard entrance |  the adorable guards }

The dog and oyster vineyard is the only winery by the Rappahannock River that let’s you wander through the vines with their guard puppies. I could have stayed there forever giving them belly rubs, but eventually I ran out of treats and they got tired of me trying to convince them to leave their giant playground and go home with me to my stuffy home in NoVA. I can’t wait to be back!

Stay tuned for other posts from my trip down to the Northern Neck! 😉

Dog & Oyster
170 White Fences Dr
Irvington, VA 22480
(804) 438-6053

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