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This past Sunday in Virginia was a little gloomy. With the clouds threatening to rain all afternoon, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good day to go tulip picking at Burnside Farms, but I had been looking forward to it all day, and this past weekend was the peak of the picking season so I went anyway. They also sell raw local honey ($9.50 per jar), which is believed to be a natural remedy for allergies. Unfortunately, the NY Times disagrees, but raw honey is still delicious!

Burnside Farms in Haymarket is one of the only farms in the area that grows fields of tulips and lets you pick them to keep for $1 per stem. If you pull the stems from the bottom and are lucky enough to get the bulb–you can replant them in your own garden at home (see below!).


P.S. They also have adorable little baby ducks and baby chicks by the register in heated tubs where you can watch them nap and eat! <3 

Burnside Farms: 4905 James Madison Hwy, Haymarket, VA; 703-930-3052;

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