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8 Non-Foodie Sights To See In New York City

I visited NYC a few weeks ago and thought I’d post a few images of non-foodie things I did in the big apple. Normally my trips to Manhattan are packed with back to back food-related expeditions, but this time–my boyfriend forced us to do other things too. A) Because we didn’t want to come home 10 pounds heavier, and B) because there are a ton of lovely things to see in Manhattan that can inspire you in ways that can only be experienced in the city where they say dreams are made of.

{ A white chair that casts the prettiest shadow }

This was the first photo I took at MoMA. The chair itself is pretty, but the shadow it casts in the right angle of light is gorgeous.

{ A pocket-sized homeless shelter that inflates over street air ducts }
I didn’t understand why this was at MoMA until I read the description… Martin Ruiz de Azua created an inflatable homeless shelter that is small enough to fold into your pocket, and creates a warm tent when pulled over air ducts in the streets.

{ A honeycomb vase made by bees }
 There’s a video to the right of the vase that shows the entire process. Amazing how a colony of little fuzzy bees can create something so pretty!

{ The waterfalls at the 911 memorial }
 The beautiful 911 memorial now features two waterfalls where the towers once stood. Trees are being planted and a museum is also being built to open later this year.

{ The canopy of lights in front of our hotel }
 Being under construction hasn’t stopped the New York Palace from shining bright in Midtown. Though there are long black blankets that hide much of the building as the hotel undergoes a major makeover–NYP uses it as an opportunity to hang pretty vines and lights to welcome guests into a warm lit canopy that leads to the front lobby.

{ The Brooklyn Bridge }
 I’ve visited NYC a handful of times, but this was the first time I walked the Brooklyn Bridge… Ok, not the whole thing, but enough to enjoy the pretty views. 🙂

{ The 911 memorial bike made by Paul Teutul Jr. }
 This was another addition to the 911 memorial that was made by Paul Teutul Jr. I thought I would be sad visiting ground zero for the first time in years (the last time I visited, it was still rubble), but seeing all the love and effort that was put into making such a beautiful memorial made me proud to know that I belong to a country that refuses to stay down when knocked to their feet. There’s a spirit in New York City that encourages hope and having a dream, and visiting the 911 memorial was a reminder that nothing can take away that hope and will to recover from anything life puts us through.

{ The glowing curtains of lights at Chelsea’s indoor market }
 This was an unexpected find. After having dinner at Morimoto’s, we walked through the indoor market in Chelsea, where we saw restaurants, bakeries, mini markets and even a spice enthusiast that had dozens of metal bowls filled with spices from around the world.

Hope you enjoyed this post! And don’t worry–I’ll be writing about what I ate in the city these next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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