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WTF Delicious: Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil


If you haven’t heard already–the first and only 2013 batch of “olio nuovo” is now out for a limited time this year. WTF is “olio nuovo” you ask? In a few words–unfiltered olive oil. Basically, it’s what you get when you skim the top off a batch of settled, naturally pressed olive oil–the same way you’d skim the cream off the top of a fresh bucket of milk.

So why is it out for only a limited amount of time? Because unfiltered olive oil has bits of actual olive pieces in the mix, which cuts its shelf life in half (3-6 months) and gives it a cloudy green color, intense flavor and nutrients that’s best used as a finish or dip instead of cooking with at high temperatures. With its refreshing and powerful peppery-pungent, grassy-garlic flavor, SPRQ in San Francisco is drizzling this luxurious green liquid on top of arugula, and I’ll be pairing it with burrata and sourdough, but you could also just slurp it up as it is.

In DC, Ah Love Oil & Vinegar, the sole U.S. distributor of Laconiko‘s 2013 Spring harvest of olio nuovo is on their toes, waiting for their bottles sent straight from Greece to pass through USDA inspection to finally have them on shelves in time for the weekend. They’ll also be hosting a tasting event at their Shirlington location this weekend (16th-17th) and at their Mosaic District location next weekend. On the West Coast, McEvoy Ranch recently tweeted this teaser on instagram to show fans that batches of olio nuovo are currently being bottled for release soon.

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