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Drool Worthy: Pastrami Sandwich at Katz

Decorated with walls covered in glossy photos of approving celebrities, Katz Delicatessen is one of the most iconic delis in Manhattan and was our very first stop.

The pastrami sandwich at Katz is an absolute must try. Every other contender I’ve had was made with cold, thin-sliced waves of pastrami, but the heavily seasoned meat in the sandwich pictured below came from a steaming slab of smoked beef that our guy fetched with tongs from a hot metal container behind him. He set it down on a wooden board and we watched as the hot steam rose from the meat, and the juices flowed from each thick slice he cut. He even tossed us a few pieces as he put together our sandwich right infront of our eyes… literally–the counter is raised at head-level, so you can see the sandwich coming together in front of your face.

Just imagine thick cuts of warm, soft, juicy smoked steak on mustard-smothered rye. On the side, you get a complimentary plate of crunchy marinated cucumbers, salty dill pickles and sour pickled green tomatoes. We also ordered a side of creamy macaroni salad (which is as good as it looks…), which turned out to be a pasta salad with chopped carrots, pickles and of course–ample amounts of mayo.

May we suggest: The pastrami sandwich
Things we’ll try next time: Matzo ball soup, noodle pudding, chopped liver, Katz’ beef tongue, & frankfurter (which they make in their own natural casing).

Katz Deli: 205 East Houston Street, New York, NY; (212) 254-2246;

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  • Drool indeed! Great pictures. We were there on Christmas day, I go everytime I’m up in New York (bonus, my fave macaron shop in the city, bisous ciao, is a few blocks away, though I’m typically not really hungry for macarons – or anything – after Katz…)

    • I’ll need to check out bisous ciao! Didn’t realize it was so close to Katz. I don’t think I’ll be able to visit NYC again without stopping by–the pastrami was SO good! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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