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6 Organizing Tools For $10 Or Less

{ Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit }

Writers and artists tend to be inspired by several things on a daily basis, which normally creates a whirlwind of photos, books, and various stacks of miscellaneous clippings that can clutter their work space. As a writer, I have a lot thoughts and ideas that I try to keep track of, so I know I definitely have an issue with this!

But staying organized can improve your workflow and mood, which is why I decided to spend a few days to clean and organize my work space. I find that I’m a lot happier and much more productive when my desk is clean, but I tend to leave opened magazines, tangled USB cords, pens and highlighters all over the place–which is why I stopped by Target and picked up a few items (a few from their spectacular $1 aisle) to help me get organized.

1) Tin buckets $1
I have another one of these on a desk to hold my pens. I have a separate bucket for highlighters, and I also use these little guys to hold my makeup brushes. They’re so cute, durable and cheap! On my shelf, I use them to hold lollipops.

2) Magazine Holders $5 (prices my vary by location)
You can actually get similar ones in a pack of 5 for $1.99 at Ikea. The ones I picked up from target were made from recycled materials by “Room Essentials”. I use these to file my folders, journals and published work.

3) Jewelry Box $8
This little oak-washed box has a snake-skin design on top, and a black velvet interior. It was made by Nate Berkus and is on sale for $8 at select target locations. I don’t have anything to store my jewelry, so it ends up laying around on my desk, door knobs and in little corners of my bathroom–so I finally picked up a little box to keep all my bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings from disappearing.

4) Jewelry Organizing Tray $1
The blue tray holding my rings was something I found in the $1 aisle. They’re very useful in organizing and separating tiny little things, and I’m regretting not picking up a few more…

5) USB Organizer $1
I found these at the #1 aisle, but you can order a different style from target online… or you could order a pack of these cuties. I used to have a web of miscellaneous USB cords that hung above my feet while I sat at my desk, but this little guy keeps them seamlessly organized to the side of my desk, which prevents me from yanking at the wrong cord, or accidentally unplugging things with my feet.

6) Set of 2 Black Plastic Containers $1
You can get a pack of two of these little containers for $1 each at Target. I use these to organize my makeup and desk materials– like post-its, tape, stamps and glue sticks.

Hope this inspires you to get organized! There are lots of cheap materials you can find at target’s $1 aisle to get you started. Good luck! 😉

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