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Dining With Foodies 101: The Rules Of The Table

What’s the best part about dining with foodies? Food lovers don’t judge! … Unless you order salad. They don’t tilt their heads when you order more than one appetizer for yourself, or when all the sides you ordered were basically carbs and cheese with no greenery in sight. Foodies understand each other and know not to take a single bite of their plate until everyone’s taken at least five instagram shots of it first. They share their meal, they don’t shake their heads when you order two desserts, and they don’t remind you of starving children in third world countries when you can’t finish your plate, because they, too, get super excited the next morning when they realize last night’s epic meal hasn’t ended just yet–the last remnants of it await in the fridge.

For restaurant week, six foodies and I had a proud pig out at one of the best spots for seafood in DC–Passion Food Restaurant Group’s DC Coast on K Street. Like true foodies–we ordered a ton of things off the menu in addition to individual orders of the three-course restaurant week special, and it was probably one of the most indulgent meals I’ve had in a while. We sat back and ordered appetizers in addition to individual appetizers and split a chocolate souflee together after eating our own desserts. Needless to say, we all fell into a deep food coma later that night and regretted very little.

So what are some things to expect when dining with a group of hardcore foodies? Below are a few things you should know about us…

1) No, you’re not allowed to eat your food yet.
Not until we instagram, picstitch and foursquare that basket of bread first.

{ Tahitian Tuna Tartare | Cabernet Vinegar Mignonette Oysters | Curried Cauliflower & Lobster Soup }

2) Yes we’re ordering appetizers. Lots of them.
In fact, we’re ordering appetizers in addition to the appetizers that already come with our three-course meal. Thinking about reaching for that bread basket again? Think again, newb!

{ Icelandic Cod | Arctic Char & Croquettes | Chinese Style Smoked Lobster }

3) Sharing is caring required.
So… quit eating so fast, cus everyone gets at least one bite of everything you order before it disappears.

{ 3 Cheese Cavatappi Gratin | Truffled Potatoes & Bacon | Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Ham }

4) Steamed vegetables are unacceptable.
Unless they’re sauteed in butter and tossed in cheese or bacon. Also, yes we’re ordering sides in addition to our three-course meal, and they’re all going to be carbs, bacon and cream heavy. Get ready to sleep like a baby tonight.

{ Pot de Creme | Panna Cotta | Chocolate Souflee }

5) Save room for a second dessert.
The best lesson a foodie can take away from Lord of The Rings is the idea of second breakfast. Pippin, the only character in the entire 10-hour trilogy seemed to always be smiling and singing, which, I’m pretty sure was because he knew something the others didn’t–food=happiness. The cheerful food-loving hobbit taught us to never touch around tombs, and that the best meals should be enjoyed a second time around. If we can order multiple appetizers and various sides to pair with our main courses–who says we can’t order more than one dessert?

>> Must Try: Tahitian tuna tartar, Chinese style smoked lobster, Icelandic cod, moulard duck breast, sweet potato gnocchi, chocolate souflee.

So basically–get used to sharing and get ready to eat a lot, but not until we take photos of it all, of course. Also, leave the vegetables for your self-loathing diet days, because no one’s eating peas or brussel sprouts on their deathbed, and every extravagant meal should be enjoyed like it’s your last. Oh, and don’t fall for the bread basket. Save room for seconds of every course.

Cheers to all my fellow shameless foodies out there! 😉 Go forth with your proud pig outs.

DC Coast: 1401 K St NW, Washington, DC; 202-216-5988;

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