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8 Great Superbowl Snackadiums

Not sure what to make for your next superbowl party? Impress your guests and cover all bases by stuffing your favorite snacks, entrees and desserts into one snackadium! Here’s a round up of my favorites with links to their original creators.

1) Simple & Clean Stadium
by The Sweets Life.
This is the prettiest “snackadium” I found. With sliced kiwi and pretzels–this one’s a little healthier than the others.

2) Lunch Meat Stadium
by Pocket Burgers.
This is one of the biggest ones I’ve seen. Pretty sure it would take days to really finish this guy. Not only is there random lunch meat, cheese, sweets and chips in the stadium–there’s hot dogs and hamburgers hidden under the bleachers too!

3) Carb-O-Licious Stadium
by Pillsbury.
I love this one, because whether they’re pizza rolls, mini corn dogs or pepperoni pockets–I love snacks wrapped in pillsbury dough.

4) Bacon-Wrapped-Stadium
by Life Tastest Like Food.
This one made the list, because it’s wrapped in one of the best things in the world–bacon.

5) Save-The-Twinkies Stadium
by Holy Taco.
Since twinkies have been going back and forth between dying and being saved these past few months–we may as well enjoy them while we can, because the future of America’s favorite creme-filled pastry is still not looking that great.

6) Rainbows-And-Fetti Stadium
by Crazy For Crust.
This is one of the only stadiums that kept things sweet. The crust-tastic stadium is lined with chips, cookies, pretzels and other things to dip in the frosting and cake batter filled center.

7) Sauce-Tastic-Stadium
by Still Earning In This Life.
Because there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned sandwich with chips and dip for lunch, and the football field in this snackadium is just an abyss of queso, guac and salsa.

8) Cake-Stadium
by Dude Foods.
This stadium covers just about everything you would want at a superbowl party–cookies, chips, sandwiches, wings, meatballs, lots of cheese, dip and a cake to dig into at the end.

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