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Friday's Linkworthy: Fried Chicken Edition

Today’s linkworthy is in spirit of Top Chef’s recent episode. Wednesday night, the final six battled it out to see who could cook the best fried chicken, and honestly–I was a little offended! A few of the chefs complained about not growing up on fried chicken, not having cooked it before or not having enough time to cook it right… it’s not rocket science. “Keep it simple, stupid” is what Bub said as we watched one of the chefs peel and mash up the chicken skin to incorporate into her breading–only to fry it twice and dry it out completely. Not sure how I’d feel if America’s next Top Chef didn’t know how to fry chicken…

As Wolfgang Puck pointed out, fried chicken isn’t only cooked in the United States! This list is dedicated to all the countries in the world who can share their love for fried chicken.

{ Photo by Spoon For Bacon }

Viennese Fried Chicken [Austria]
Super Crispy Fried Chicken [Korea]
Nagoya Fried Chicken [Japan]
Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken [Indonesia]
Fried Chicken & Fruit Seasoning [China]
Spicy Laksa Fried Chicken [Malaysia]
Chicharrones de Pollo [Puerto Rico]
Coxinha Fried Chicken Pastries [Brazil]
Pollo Frito [Cuba]
Southern Italian Fried Chicken [Italy]
Masala Fried Chicken [India]
Persian Fried Chicken [Persia]

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