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The Truffle Shuffle: What's The Difference?

There are two types of truffles in the world! One is a round chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with chocolate ganache and dusted in powdered cocoa. The other is a mysterious little mushroom grown underneath the dirt in the wild. Both are derived from the Latin word, “tuber”, which means “swelling”, or “lump”.

There are  hundreds of different flavors when it comes to chocolate truffles, and there are also hundreds of different kinds of mushroom truffles grown in the wild as well. However–there are only a handful of mushroom truffles that are edible and palatable–like the Italian white truffle (tuber magnatum), the French black perigord (tuber melanosporum), and the summer/burgundy truffle (tuber aestivum/uncinatum). While chocolate truffles are hand made, mushroom truffles are found in the wild with truffle-hunting dogs who sniff out the little bulbs several feet under the ground. Chocolate truffles smell like cocoa and taste like bittersweet cream–but mushroom truffles have an extremely pungent odor that is so intoxicating, some high-rollers will pay up to $330,000 for just two pounds of the stinky ‘shroom. Find out who it was in the video below!

Hope you enjoyed the video! If you have any other questions about this mysterious little shroom–leave them in the comments!  xx, Jennie.P.S. Don’t feel like shelling out the big bucks for a taste of the world’s most expensive mushroom? You can still recreate the flavors at home with a few–much cheaper!–ingredients. Check out my recipe for parmesan truffle popcorn, inspired by the delicious bar bites at Clifton’s Trummer’s on Main.

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