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3 Saucy New Notables To Replenish Your Pantry's Lineup

Northern Virginia’s newest condiments take a spin on original recipes to change the way we dress our snacks. A new hot sauce from herndon boasts fresh, natural ingredients while a mint-fudge concoction takes a name after our “cool”, swag-tastic president. In purcellville, a smoky new maple syrup is bottled from whiskey barrels to add a smoky whisper and hint of malt to pancakes and fruit. Looking to change up your pantry’s old bottled lineup? Replenish your sauce cabinet with these exciting new sauces made from nearby NoVA locals.

Whiskey-Tinged Maple Syrup 
Where to get it: Langdon Wood On a mission to “change breakfast” and “spread liquid joy“, local woodworker Art Drauglis aged maple syrup in oak barrels originally used for Whiskey production by Catoctin Creek Distilling Company. The tawny twist on the typical pancake topping has a smoky taste with a touch of malt. According to their facebook page–they’ll also be releasing a new flavor soon in February 2013, just a few weeks away!
Diva-Themed Fudge 
Where to get it: ACKC Cocoa Bar Rated among Travel + Leasure’s top 10 hot chocolates last year, ACKC decided to infuse their belgian chocolates and secret ingredients into fudgy concoctions named after their favorite divas. Their newest flavor–“ChocObama” is made with mint and will be part of the free tasting they’re hosting tomorrow night from 6:00-8:00p.m. at their store in Alexandria. Heat them up and pour over ice cream or enjoy them by the spoonful!
Sriracha’s Orgo Rival 
Where to get it: Apinya The new all-local hot sauce from Herndon boasts a thai-hot spice made from fresh, natural ingredients. Apinya’s dipping sauce is made from actual vegetables and herbs and has a chunkier texture of chopped ginger, garlic and chilies that sets them apart from other smooth, vinegary competitors. Either eat it as a dipping sauce, mix with other condiments or even try out one of their wild cocktail recipes. A few days ago, I mixed it in with my sashimi salad.

Where to buy: Langdon Wood’s Maple Syrups can be found at Salt & Sundry (DC) or ordered online. Saucy Divas can be found at ACKC’s Cocoa Bar. Apinya can be found at Smucker’s Farms (DC), Broad Run market (DC) or ordered online.

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