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Drool Worthy: 5 Step Poutine

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50 bites of DC
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Ok… I guess guys prove themselves useful in the kitchen every once in a while… 😉 kidding, kidding… although boys are not allowed in my kitchen. This idea spawned from a little conversation I had while watching my boyfriend’s football game one night. A friend and I were talking about how we couldn’t find any good poutine around NoVA and he came up with a brilliant idea–“all you do is pick up a bag of cajun fries from five guys, tear up and throw in a few balls of mozzarella, pour some gravy over it and voilà!”

Simply genius! The fries are the tricky part anyway, and once you have that out of the way-the next few steps are a piece of cake. This way–you don’t have to invest in a deep fryer, splatter your kitchen with oil stains or waste any time chopping up potatoes. The cajun fries at five guys are already perfect and addictive. All that’s left to do is pick up some mozzarella balls and a bottle of gravy (I used some leftover gravy from Thanksgiving that I saved in a container and tossed in the freezer).


Small order of Five Guys Cajun Fries ($2.99)
Mozzarella Balls (you can find these in a container from the dairy section of your grocery store)
Gravy (instant or bottled)


Pour the fries into a bowl
Tear up mozzarella balls
Toss torn mozzarella balls on top of the fries
Heat up your gravy according to the directions on the bottle/packet.
Pour over the fries and mozzarella balls.


50 bites of DC
{ I’m hover friendly! }


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