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Stew on Steroids: The List of Halloween Lists… List

Because the weekend and the sweetest holiday of the year can’t come any sooner…
Apple Cider
{ Shrunken Head Apple Cider – see Mega List of DIY… }

6 Unusual Spins on Pumpkin Beer [SeriousEats]
10 Sexy Food Costumes for Halloween [Eat 24]
Make Kids Cry: Healthier Halloween Handouts [Culinate]
10 Pets Respond to Their Halloween Costumes [FunnyOrDie]
5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween in DC [DCist]
Mega List of DIY Halloween Decor Ideas [Apartment Therapy]
8 Halloween Spirited Wines To Die For [SheKnows]
So Gord-geous! Jack-O-Lanterns in Runway’s Finest Trends [Refinery 29]
Delicious Fall Recipe Links [Kitchn]
6 Fruits & Vegetables With Healing Powers [Washingtonian]

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