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7 Things To Love About Melt

1) Stout milkshakes
You don’t have to like beer, or stout to like this clever conoction. It’s like a fizzy dark chocolate and coffee milkshake topped with gooey marshmallows. Other delicious milkshakes include the brown cow (vanilla ice cream, root beer and chocolate sauce) and the creamsicle (vanilla ice cream and orange crush).
4) Fresh, fluffy, burger buns
These massive house-made, cloud-like buns are incredibly soft and big enough to keep everything (from the meat, to the sauce, to all your toppings) between two halves. They’re also big enough for you to be able to tear off a few bite-sized pieces to wipe up all the juice and sauce that will inevitably escape between bites.
2) They’re animal lovers!
The walls are covered with posters of adorable animals that all need a new home. Melt works closely with the Loudon County Animal Shelter to help find homeless animals their potential forever homes by posting their photos across each of the walls at Melt. Also – they don’t accept tips, just donations to the shelter. How sweet is that?
5) Balsamic drizzled onion rings
Giant, crunchy, never-soggy onion rings sprinkled in sea salt, cracked pepper, and drizzled in balsamic reduction. I brought these home as a snack a few hours later – and amazingly, they still had a crunch!
6) Garlic chargrilled patties
The patties in the Paris Burger are chargrilled with roasted garlic, and topped with melted brie, spinach, glazed onions and dijon mustard.
3) They know the best meal of the day
Breakfast, obviously – and the diner special is breakfast in a burger. A premium beef burger topped with crispy bacon, pimento cheese, house sauce, lettuce, tomato and an over easy fried egg. Take a bite and watch the egg pop and pour rich, buttery yolk all over that giant grapefruit of a burger.
7) Melt in your mouth and in your hands.
The full roll of paper towels that sits at each table is telling of all the sauce, cheese, and juice you’ll frequently wipe from your cheeks during and after your meal. Keep your Sunday best at home – or wrap yourself up in a heap of napkins. Be careful! Flyaway juice, runny yolks, and melted cheese love plain white t’s. đŸ˜‰

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