American March Photography Pick 6

{ Six Things }

Six of my favorite photos from my adventures around the DC metro this past month.

{ Croque Monsieur @ Terasol }

A cute little parisian cafe that serves traditional french favorites in Woodley Park, and moonlights as a jazz club. Another reason to stop by? Get an automatic 50% off your meal, simply by pulling this up on your phone.

{ The U.S. Botanic Garden }
Can you spot the shiny cocoa plants?

{ The Dog Catcher at Ray’s Hell Burger }

Yes. That’s a huge cut of delicious, buttery roasted bone marrow at the center of the plate.

{ The National Aquarium }

An adorable little guy swam over to wave ‘hello’ while I was enjoying a birthday celebration at the Baltimore Aquarium with my love a few weeks ago

{ Assorted French Macarons from Michel Patisserie }

A box of macarons I bought myself during my tiny phase of obsession. I preordered them, and picked them up at Artisan Confections in Clarendon. My favorite flavors were the Pandan Leaf, Salty Caramel and Red Velvet.

{ Cherry Blossoms & Jefferson Memorial }

During an 8-mile trek around DC, I paused to take a picture of the view I had of the Jefferson Memorial from across the lake.

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