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If you’ve recently fell into the macaron craze like I have, and have been searching for the patisserie with the best ones – look no further. After visiting almost a dozen pastry shops in the DC metropolitan area – The Sweet Lobby has won my heart over.

{ Assortment of Sweet Lobby’s Award-Winning Cupcakes | Chocolate German, Boston Cream, Carrot, Lemon Cream }

The only DC based cupcake shop to win Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, The Sweet Lobby features many sweet treats, including french macarons, cupcakes, madeleines, and even hot chocolate.

I’ve heard only good things about their macarons (thank you tweethearts!) and decided to treat myself to a few of them for my birthday. The cupcakes that they won the show with are a daily treat, but their french macarons are better off pre-ordered, as they are baked less frequently and go pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the one cupcake I wanted to try (green tea) was swept away by a woman who arrived just seconds before I did, but I’ll be back soon regardless. The macarons here are too-die for, and I can’t say that my box of 16 lasted more than two days. Without question – The Sweet Lobby bakes the best macarons in the DC area.

{ Lemon Cream | Green Tea Chesnut | Lemon Raspberry | Passion Fruit }

Like tiny coin purses filled with rich, sweet cream – these delicate, yet massive discs are a little heavier than you’d expect -and the reason is this. Some macarons, if the pan isn’t smacked on the table enough before baking, will have air bubbles from the whipping stage that create a large, unwanted air pocket. These perfect shells from Sweet Lobby have no sign of any little air pockets, and have a thick, not-to-chewy, cake-like center that has an outer shell that resists your teeth for only a split second. This is the shell of an ideal french macaron. With piped cream at the center, these little french cookie sandwiches have been my latest obsession, and I have yet to find a pastry shop that makes them better than The Sweet Lobby.


Sweet Lobby
404 8th Street Southeast  Washington, DC 20003
(202) 544-3999

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  • I came across Sweet Lobby in my search for excellent Macarons to buy online. Although I haven’t tried them yet, your post is my reminder to follow the quest! Have you tried Rocq Macarons? They are online, not local. I haven’t tried them, but their red heart shaped ‘SweetHeart Collection” macarons are intriguing.

    Last year I made Raspberry Macarons with Rose Buttercream fillings (Bon Appetit) for the first time ever, and they came out perfectly. P.S. What’s YOUR favorite flavor?

  • I haven’t yet, but I will have to! I’ve been obsessed with macarons lately, so any suggestions on where I can find them are much appreciated!

    How did your macarons turn out? Do you have and pictures, or tips from your recipe? I made them a few weeks ago also, and t hey came out pretty nicely but less chewy / cake like than I’d hoped. My favorite flavor is the Pandan Leaf macaron from Michel Patisserie, and Green Tea from The Sweet Lobby. What flavor did you make? Thank you for the info!

  • Thanks! Did not know about Michel Patisserie – Pandan Leaf sounds perfectly exotic. Haven’t tried too many different flavors, but LOVE plain ole LEMON. Didn’t take pictures of my Raspberry-Rose buttercream’s but they came out crispy and my husband and neighbor raved about them. Only problem I ran across was the top rack of my oven overly-browned some of the shells. Next time I’d watch that more closely. Here’s the Bon Appetit link. I followed the recipe precisely, and think it’s worth the labor for special occasions or gift-giving.

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