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DC Eats: Bobby's Burger Palace

I’ll keep it short, since I’m pretty sure these photos will speak for themselves. 😉

It’s clear that over the past few years, DC’s been booming with what seems to be an endless slue of various kinds of burger joints, popping up at every other corner. But after hearing that one of my favorite Food Network stars had opened their own burger bar – I decided to venture into Farragut Square one Monday afternoon to put him to the test.


{ Sweet Potato Fries | French Fries | Sauces }

After placing your order, you’ll step into a vibrantly colored seating area that almost feels like taking a step into what looks to be a fresh, wildly tasty burger. With bright lettuce green colored seats, tomato red walls, nacho cheese colored lights that hover above, and a wavy brown bar that resembles a long strip of crispy bacon – the atmosphere sets the tone for the level of taste and quality in each of these burgers. In fact, they’re so confident with the quality of their meat, that they’ll even let you decide what temperature you’d like your meat to be cooked.

{ Dallas Burger | Mocha Kahlua Vodka Milkshake }

With ten different burgers, beer battered onion rings, spiked milkshakes, griddled cheese with bacon, and much more – you’ll want to come here with friends that don’t mind sharing; because chances are – you’ll be curious about tasting more than one item on the menu.

{ Vanilla Caramel Bourbon Milkshake | Crunchburger }

I ordered the beer battered onion rings, a Vanilla Caramel Bourbon Milkshake, and a Crunchburger.

Needless to say – everything tasted as great as it looked in the twitpics I had been following (@bobbysburgerpal). You just can’t go wrong wit the combination of warm nacho cheese, a good salty crunch, and a medium rare burger – all wrapped between two soft seeded buns. The bourbon in my spiked milkshake, also frighteningly delicious, hit me faster than I could finish the first half; and the three, deliciously addictive sides that we ordered were  probably the reason why I didn’t have enough room to finish my burger. The sweet potato fries with the honey mustard horseradish sauce were incredibly addictive, and the rock sea salt on top of the beer battered onion rings had me taking bites between everything else we ordered.

So if you’re craving a good quality burger, but want something that’ll wake up your taste buds with bold new flavor combinations that you’ve never experienced before – Bobby Flay’s ten different burger concoctions at the Burger Palace in DC won’t disappoint.

P.S. If you don’t live in DC, and live near the College Park, MD area – they’re opening up a new location on Baltimore Avenue. 😉

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

2121 K St NW
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 974-6260

8150 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, MD 20740
(240) 542-4702

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