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Virginia's Best Frozen Hot Chocolate

In the charming streets of Downtown Culpeper, Virginia – you’ll find a few brilliant treasures that glimmer brightly in a small town. In one shop, you’ll get to explore one of America’s largest Belgian Neuhaus chocolate retailers, while a few paces down the street will lead you to a lovely restaurant with an outstanding chef that previously worked for the famous Inn at Little Washington. After passing by a slue of inviting gift shops, fragrant bakeries, and peculiar bars, you’ll find yourself at Raven’s Nest Coffee House, sitting at the end of the road. Here, you’ll find our absolute favorite Frozen Hot Chocolate in Virginia.

{ The Charming Streets of Downtown Culpeper, VA }

{ Wooden Chairs Outside of Raven’s Nest | Their House Brewed Coffee }

{ Five Cocoa Frozen Hot Chocolate }

Not only is this Coffee House noteworthy for their house-brewed coffee, delicious pastries, and mid day snacks – but here, you’ll find one of the best Frozen Hot Chocolates done right. When you visit a coffee house that calls themselves ‘the last legal sin’, you know that they must be passionate and confident about the standards of their brew. You’ll taste it in their home-made Frozen Hot Chocolate that’s made of 10 different types of cocoa, your choice of milk (I chose whole milk, which the barista later thanked me for doing – or as he would say ‘for keeping it real!’) and your choice of chocolate (milk or dark). It’s hard to describe what made this drink so delicious, but to put it in a few words – it was like taking a sip of sweet, liquified fudgsicles. It wasn’t creamy like a smoothie, but a perfectly blended hot chocolate that was frozen into a sweet, chocolatey slush that’s perfect to enjoy in warmer weather. It was pretty hard to have to share, and was also depressing when it was all gone – which is why I’ll have to go back for another sip as the weather warms up this Spring. I normally don’t blog too much about sweets (I have a major salt tooth), but this was definitely something I had to share with all of my lovely Virginians :).

{ Romantically Lit Streets – See the happy couple in the distance? }

We initially stopped by Raven’s to do some studying and research, but after driving down the romantically lit streets of Culpeper – we knew we had to stop by one of their many wonderful restaurants on the strip.  If you ever stop by Raven’s, or anywhere in Downtown Culpeper – be sure to take a walk down the main street and check out their shops and restaurants. Downtown Culpeper is a refreshing getaway from the busy city, and I can’t wait to go back for another visit.

Tips: This area is only about an hour out of Northern VA / DC, but if you’d like to stay the night to explore – check out the 249 Boutique Hotel for charming suites that are as mesmerizing as the streets of Culpeper. And on your drive in – be sure to stop by Moo Thru to try some ice cream that was home made with milk from their very own prize-winning cows! Take home a few bottles of fresh whole milk, and make your own butter or cheese at home.

Raven’s Nest
254 East Davis Street
Culpeper, VA 22701-3014
(540) 827-4185

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