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One of my favorite scenes from Eat Pray Love, was when Liz eyed a silk dress at a store in Italy, and bought it just for herself. While wearing this dress, she prepared a small lunch to enjoy on the carpet of her apartment while reading the newspaper, and basked in the sun light that poured through her window. I love this scene, because it reminds me that some of the happiest moments in life come from taking a moment to pause, and have pleasure in life; knowing that it’s something you truly deserve. Though Liz had no love interest to impress at the time, she still bought the dress for herself to enjoy on her own – and then made this plate of savory delicacies that I’ve recreated for you – and of course, myself 😉 – below.

{ Parmesan Peppercorn Baguette | Truffled Asparagus | Kalamata Olives | Soft Boiled Eggs | Wild-Caught Sockeye Smoked Salmon | Castelvetrano Olives | Bijou }

I could have boiled a few stems of asparagus, spooned on a few canned olives and sprinkled clumps of low grade crumbled goat cheese on a plate to suffice the few elements of Liz’s lunch that are listed in the book – but it wouldn’t be representative of the scene’s meaning and significance. Having pleasure is indulging in something wonderful, and knowing that you deserve it at the same time. So instead, I bought a few of my favorite olives: Kalamatas and Castelvetranos (buttery in texture, and mild for those who don’t like super salty olives); sliced a Parmesan Peppercorn baguette to go with a knob of Bijou, halved a soft-boiled egg that I sprinkled with truffle salt, cut and roasted a few stems of seasoned asparagus that I drizzled in truffle infused olive oil, placed a few slices of smoked salmon on the side, and hand carved a small radish to top it off.

So with that said – what would buying yourself canned olives, versus fresh castelvetranos; or choosing crumbled goat cheese over knobs of delicately ripened goats milk, say about what you think you deserve? Because after all, who says you don’t deserve oven-roasted truffled asparagus, or a few slices of Parmesan Peppercorn toast, slathered in artisanal sea salt butter? No one. So whether it’s indulging in a piece of chocolate in the morning, or buying that pair of gorgeous boots you’ve had your eye on for weeks- go for it, enjoy it, and above all – know that you’re worth it.

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