Tasty 10 Under $10

January: DC's Tasty 10 Under $10

1.) ACKC’s Marilyn Monroe Hot Chocolate $4.25
We love this, because… ACKC makes the wildest, most creative hot chocolate concoctions. Check out their entire menu – they have over a dozen different hot chocolates to enjoy during this Winter.
2.)  Trummers On Main’s Parmesan Truffle Popcorn $5
We love this, because… Each giant popcorn kernel is perfectly coated with truffle butter, and sprinkled with grated parmesan to make this our favorite Bar Food Snack. Check out the Titanic, too (their signature drink).
3.) Tabard Inn’s Freshly Fried Donuts $1.50 each
We love this, because… it’s like eating a mini deep fried donut dusted in vanilla sugar. I don’t think an appetizer for Sunday Brunch can get any better than that.
4.) Public House 7’s Bangers & Mash $9.99
We love this, because… it’s the perfect, warm & savory dinner to enjoy on a cold Winter day. Whole English Sausage with Mashed Potatoes, topped with Onion Gravy.
5.) Blue Duck Tavern’s  Jerusalem Artichokes & Candied Bacon $9
We love this, because… There’s nothing like Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes with sprinkles of Candied Canadian Bacon to enhance each piece with a sweet and salty topping. The Jerusalem Artichokes are so thick, that each piece is like eating a small, roasted new potato.
6.) Hank’s Oyster Bar’s  Baked Mac & Cheese $5
We love this, because… out of all the baked mac and cheeses we’ve tried in the DC metro – this is by far our favorite. Also – check out the oyster board, and enjoy $1 late night oysters on Friday nights!
7.) Bistro du Coin’s Escargot à la Bourguignonne $7.95
We love this, because… even though we were afraid of eating snails – Bistro du Coin gets rid of the shells for us, and cooks each mussel-like snail in its’ own little tin of garlic, butter and herbs that will change any skeptic’s view of the French’s Escargot. After each bite, we were wiping the bottoms of each tin with bread to savor all the garlic butery goodness.
8.) Crumbs’ Cookie Dough Cupcake $4.50
We love this, because… like almost every other massive, scrumptious cupcake at Crumbs – there’s a delicious filling to look forward to in each cupcake!
9.) Sushi Yoshi’s Yellow Roll $8.50
We love this, because… the sweet, spicy mango sauce in this roll enhances the fresh slices of salmon. Every time I visit Sushi Yoshi, I order this roll, because there’s no other Sushi Bar that offers anything like it.
10.) Northside Social’s Crisped Pork Belly Sandwich $8
We love this, because… the crisped pork belly is always delicious, and pairs perfectly with the slices of thick cut mozzarella and salsa verde  to make this our favorite sandwich for lunch.

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