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VA Eats: Peking Gourmet

“When China had established diplomatic relations with the U.S. in 1973, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai enjoyed a dinner with President Nixon. During their meal, Zhou showed Nixon how liquor could be set aflame. Nixon was fascinated with the trick and took two bottles of Moutai home with him. At home in the White House, Nixon attempted to astound his wife and daughter with the same trick. Unfortunately the bowl that contained the spirit heated up and cracked, setting the tablecloth ablaze. The heat set off the fire alarms in the building and the incident gave root to the story that is still remembered today.”

This same drink that Charlie Chaplin calls ‘the drink of real men’ is sold at Peking Gourmet in Falls Church, VA.

[ Suffering Bastard | Moutai Shot | Zombie ]

Like a bottle of nail polish remover, you can smell the potency of the strong chemicals that whirl in its’ peculiar transparent form that could otherwise be mistaken for a tiny glass of water. If you’ve read my review about my Zombie escapades on being careful with drinks that include strong liquors such as absinthe – just know that this tiny glass of liquid makes the Zombie taste like a glass of watered down grenadine. You could light up your evening with sticks and stones, but if you want to use a match – take a quick shot of Moutai.

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When you take a look around, and see nothing but endless framed photos of the owner, Eddie Tsui with several different famous diplomatic figures from around the world – you know whatever you’re about to have is going to be a spectacle worth coming back for.

To begin, we started out with a plate of savory pork dumplings that were accompanied by sweet soy sauce for dipping. Though a great appetizer that helped me sober up for the real deal, this was just the tip of the enormously magnificent iceberg.

Let me just say, that you’ve never really had peking duck until you’ve had it from the Peking Gourmet Inn. That’s right. Scratch all the soggy and clumsily chopped chunks of greasy purple meat that were thrown onto a tacky plastic plate or stuffed into a styro-foam box that you’ve ever had from a fast food chinese restaurant; scratch all the funky peking duck pizzas, peking duck sliders and peking duck what nots that you’ve ever ordered and measured to your chinese friend’s hype. Scratch all of that. Wake up an inner craving that you’ve never had before, and taste the perfect medley of sliced spring onions, a dallop of sweet plum sauce, a soft slice of duck meat and its’ crispy skin, wrapped together in a thin tortilla that’ll make your tastebuds sing unforgettable notes of sweet, crispy, fresh and savory all in one warm bite.

[ Ice Bath | Searing Hot Candied Apples | Post Ice Bath Candied Apples ]

As if the peking duck being chopped, skinned and plated infront of your eyes wasn’t enough of a show – their Candied Apple dessert is also a progressive spectacle that you’ll actually be able to participate in this time.

When a large ice bath is placed on your table – just know that it’s not for your post-peking-duck-wrapping fingers. They’ll bring you wet naps for that.

In a few moments, your waiter will come out with a bowl of piping hot candied apples that will be one by one, dropped into the ice bath, leaving strings upon strings of sweet, sugary candy that your waiter will encourage you to pull off and eat.

Afterwards, the cooled off candied apples will be drained and placed on a separate plate for you to enjoy a sweet version of your previous crispy yet juicy snack.

Peking Gourmet Inn
6029 Leesburg Pike
Baileys Crossrds, VA 22041-2203
(703) 671-8088

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  • My wife and I have been going to the Peking Gourmet since we first met back in 1982. My sons both grew up eating there, at first sipping wonton soup through a straw, and many years later, moving on up to Suffering Bastards. I have tried for years to recreate the PG version of the SB at home, even going so far as to buy some of the very same tiki glasses. But all my efforst have fallen short of their magical concoction. Their duck is absolutely the best; but lately I've developed a fondness for their walnut chicken. Don't miss out on the jeu yen shrimp too.

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