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NYC Eats: Ray's Gourmet Pizza

You know a pizza place is going to be good when they can throw together a plain and simple cheese pizza that can electrify your taste buds like you’ve never had before. If a pizzeria can perfect their base – imagine the delicious possibilities that stem from their tasty foundation.

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Ray’s Pizza first opened in 1959 at the Northern edge of Little Italy, Manhattan. There are other variations to the original Ray’s Gourmet Pizza, but this location is the oldest, and also the one where you’ll find the long lines of tourists, regulars, and returning fans.

Considering how quickly my taste buds become disinterested, I love that these globs of rich ricotta entertain my taste buds with every other bite. I need a variety to keep me interested, and this Trio of cheeses, pesto and olives had me nibbling ’til the very last bite. With that said, the Pesto & Olive White Pizza had already earned a few points in my book. Secondly, I’m a huge addict of fresh olives, so you can imagine how excited I was to see that not only did they serve it together with this medley of Ricotta & Pesto, but in huge halved chunks of giant black olive instead of the little slivers of ringlets that you’d often find from a can at most delivery pizza chains. You can taste the perfection of this recipe that’s been tweeked and hand crafted for decades in their fresh toppings, thin, but solid base, and savory crust.

[ The Test! ]

And here comes the ultimate NY Style Pizza Test. Because NY is famous for their bewilderingly thin pies, it must past the folding test. If you fold the slice of pizza long ways (as pictured above) the small triangle at the tip should be strong enough to not fold over, or droop. If you’ve got a soggy pie – relax. Ray’s Pizza has various locations in Manhattan, and you’re bound to find at least one of these pizzerias around the next block. To experience true NY Style Pizza – visit Ray’s in Nolita and enjoy a slice of hand crafted history and perfection.

Ray’s Gourmet Pizza
27 Prince St
(between Elizabeth St & Mott St)
New York, NY 10012

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