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NYC Eats: Cafe Habana | Corn on the Cob

There’s something about stepping into the brightly lit restaurant of Cafe Habana on a sunny Saturday afternoon that makes you excited. Whether it’s the vibrant wall art, the colorful and shiny decorations that sparkle in the sunlight, or just simply knowing that you’re only minutes away from tasting the most delicious corn on the cob you’ll ever have – you can’t help but smile at least once, twice, – or the entire time in my case- through this unforgettable experience. I’m not kidding. Once you’ve come here for corn, you’ll never look at your mom’s old corn on the cob at your family barbecues the same again.

[ Jarritos Lime Soda | Cafe Habana Entrance | One of several smiles! | Famous Roasted Corn ]

It isn’t just the fact that this stick of corn is slathered in butter, cheese, cream, topped with cayenne and seasoning or even the fact that it’s got a few slices of lime to give it a refreshing kick that makes this the best stick of corn that’ll make you feel like you’ve never actually had real corn before today. No, it’s the fact that despite the multiple elements of goodness that this stick of corn is generously rolled in – the roasted corn, even by itself, would still be just as wonderful, simply because you can taste the significant freshness, as if it were biting into an aromatic handful of just popped buttery popcorn – except with juicy kernels, and of course – all that other wonderful, cheesy goodness that’ll take your palate to the corner of where fresh popped buttery kernels, and juicy fresh roasted vegetables meet and collide.

Cafe Habana
17 Prince Street at Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012

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