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Hidden Gems of Wisconsin & O

When you wander away from the bustling main streets of Georgetown, you’ll find that venturing uphill into the quiet village of Wisconsin Avenue has just as many little shops and eateries in every corner and every sliver of tiny buildings, waiting to be discovered – such as this mysterious little open gate that I had never noticed before; have you seen it?

[ The Mysterious Gate on Wisconsin Avenue | Have You Seen It? ]

The gate leads to a backyard garden through a red brick tunnel, decorated in soft, delicate swirls from left to right that one could only see in the light (shown in the last photo). It’s interesting to see what you’ll find, when you patiently sift through the details of a town so eccentric and full of life. Who knew there were still things to discover in an area already filled with so many exciting things to enjoy?

[ The English Rose Garden | Mixed Rose Bouquet (Sample for Wedding) | Daffodils | Giant Amaryllis | Purple Calla Lillies | Beautiful Giant Calla Lilly, a Gift from Calvin! ]

Calvin, from the widely known English Rose Garden off of Wisconsin Avenue, famous for their modern and charmingly unique floral arrangements, told us stories of football fields filled with nothing but flowers, stories about back when humans were bumped off airplanes for fresh, exotic flowers to be shipped from Europe to the US, stories about the most outrageous floral projects that they’ve received this Summer (the creation of $3,000 petal covered walls for weddings), and even gave me the most stunning 3 ft. giant white Calla Lilly that resembled a small trumpet of ivory colored silk on a thick, smooth tube of green before ending his shift to give me a gorgeous floral companion to walk around and explore Georgetown with. Thank you, Calvin!

[ Wingo’s Street Corner Sign | Paintings of Past Presidents | Fried Cheesecake with Strawberry Drizzle & Powder Sugar ]

Wingo’s had me at Burgers, Funnel Cake, and Carnival foods galore; but when I read the entire menu and saw that they also offered boxes of Bourbon Coated Chicken Wings, and even Deep Fried Cheesecake smothered in Strawberry Drizzle – I squeeked a little bit with glee.

Impulsive spurts of spontaneity are often rewarded in this beautiful city, filled with wonderful things to enjoy and discover. So go forth, and enjoy your explorations while life let’s you! DC is full of exciting things, waiting for you to find. 😉

English Rose Garden
3209 O Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20007-2843
(202) 333-3306

3207 O Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20007-2843
(202) 338-2478

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