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Capitol Hill: We, The Pizza

After hearing that the owner of Good Stuff Eatery, Chef Spike was opening a new pizza joint on Capitol Hill – I had to see if the pizza was as good as his burger joint. I’ve been waiting for a good pizza joint in DC, and was really excited to hear that one of my favorite Top Chef alumni was opening a pizza place in addition to his already widely known and popular burger joint.

Not only did the pizza fill my expectations – but also my obsession with truffles! In addition to the salame pizza, the white, the pepperoni, and several other slices that We, The Pizza offers – there’s also a mushroom pizza that calls for fresh thyme, mozzarella, wild mushrooms – and truffles! One of my absolute favorite foods that are often incorporated into dishes with risotto, pasta, and of course – pizza.

If you can appreciate fresh concord grape soda, warm nutella & gelato sundaes, and a reminiscent slice of the big apple – take a trip to Capitol Hill and visit We, The Pizza.

[ Chef Colletti @ the Window | We, The Pizza! | Chef Spike | Wall Decor ]

My friend kept making fun of me for looking like a dorky tourist, snapping pictures left and right, but I have no shame. :) I was extremely excited to be there for the first time, to try something new; and of course – to see Chef Spike and what crazy hat he decided to wear that day.

[ Grape Soda & Coffee Soda | Fresh Concord Grapes and Squeezed Cherries, mixed with Soda ]

I wanted to try the Grape Soda, because I saw that it was made from a fresh mixture of concord grapes, squeezed cherries, and then mixed with soda right infront of your eyes. It was even better than I thought it would be, and was the perfect blend of juicy, sweet and sour fizz.

[ Mushroom Pizza | Cheese & Roasted Chili | Salame Pizza | Yum! ]

I don’t know if I even need a description here. Did you look at the pictures? I almost passed out from the first bite, if you didn’t notice. Trust me. It’s as good as it looks. Read and further comfort yourself in the Declaration of Ingredients on your left as you first enter. From the fresh cheese, to the home made sauce, to the blend of herbs, to the perfectly crisp, yet chewy crust – We, The Pizza doesn’t disappoint.

We, The Pizza
305 Pennsylvania Ave
SE Washington, DC 20003
(202) 544-4008

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