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Screwtop Picnic in the Jazz Garden

I went out with a friend for a picnic in the National Art Gallery’s Garden this past Friday, and had one of the most relaxing evenings of my life. Now that the Summer is here, you can hear Jazz playing from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM every Friday until September 10th at the Garden across the street from the National Art Gallery. They serve food, wine, beer, and other snacks as Jazz plays music in front of the water fountain, and through speakers all around the garden for people to sit back, relax, and dip their feet into water to cool off from the Summer heat.

We decided to lay out a blanket in the shade next to some bushes. Not only was the shade a nice way to escape the heat and Sun, but when we looked up into the trees – we could see how the light illuminated the different leaves in several different shades of green (Bottom photo, #11).

We picked up a to go box of goodies from Screwtop Wine Bar, who was nice enough to give us a few extra things to enjoy on our picnic (Thanks guys!). We shared a bottle of white wine, and had crackers, truffle popcorn (my absolute favorite snack in the world), goat brie, fig jam, and sliced salame to enjoy. For dessert, we had two squares of chocolate fudge.

If that wasn’t relaxing enough – we were surrounded by lovely couples, happy groups of friends, and even got to watch a game including one group of people throwing grapes at another group of people to see who could catch the most with their mouths. It was nice to sit back and see all these people gather together, relax and enjoy each other’s company with good food and wine; especially when you can learn to soak in these moments and realize that even if there is pain and suffering in the world – today, right here, and right now – all around you is bliss and happiness. And when you can sit back with your friends in a beautiful garden with jazz buzzing in the background, with food, wine, and a canopy of illuminated gold and green leaves to shade your perfect afternoon – what reason have you not to be? :)

Screwtop Winebar
1025 North Fillmore Street
Arlington, VA 22201-6701
(703) 888-0845

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